An Apple authorized service provider is a provider that obtains resources and information required by Apple for inspection, maintenance and technical support of Apple products. Apple authorized service providers provide high-quality and professional services at each authorized maintenance location by authorized technical service personnel with corresponding Apple certification.

  • Equipment Diagnosis

  • Hardware Maintenance

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Value-added Services

Project life cycle management

From purchase, configuration to maintenance, it helps you solve problems quickly and create a 360 degree all-round integrated service experience.







Recycling Service Process

Provide a list of equipment
to be repurchased
Extraction equipment
Quote the repurchase price
( including residual value service plan ) according
to the equipment configuration
Inspect and evaluate the
equipment condition on site
Accept price or proposal
Make a final offer
Prepare relevant
contract documents
Confirm price
Sign a contract
Payment according to the
contract or converted into
new subsidies

Technical certification & training services

iOS development courses

Media creative courses

It support courses