Dedication of iPad Pro at the production site
under the epidemic

Manufacturing: AR + 5G ensures employee safety and business operation

Program features

  • Provide synchronous cooperation ( remote access ) for mold field
  • It provides multi-dimensional annotation function based on real environment to facilitate the difference of key points
  • Provide high-quality and stable workshop noise reduction communication function
  • Stable high-quality picture
  • Flexible and stable support system shall be provided for different working scenarios
  • The business system supports multi-party access collaboration ( voice, word chat, video, etc. )
  • The business system supports ABM & MDM enterprise level deployment
  • Provide single professional application mode
  • The client supports multiple platforms ( iOS、Android、macOS、Windows )
  • Provide mobile AC + AP mobile trolley scheme to ensure the integrity of the process

Inherit expertise and remote service experience through AR ( augmented reality )

Remote assistance solutions can solve remote work challenges with an "immersive" augmented reality experience. Hecheng Nuoxin integrates the native augmented reality experience of iPad to provide unique expert guidance and on-site assistance solutions to factory employees and customers without sending experts to the site. In many cases, engineering and technical experts can provide excellent practical experience for on-site conditions in a simple and intuitive way remotely ( 5G Technology ).